high quality silicon rubber sheet with factory price

high quality silicon rubber sheet  with factory price
high quality silicon rubber sheet  with factory price
high quality silicon rubber sheet  with factory price
high quality silicon rubber sheet  with factory price
high quality silicon rubber sheet  with factory price
excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation, ultraviolet light, chemicals and a low compression set.
Transparent, Red,
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Industrial Use
Silicone rubber sheets are suitable for mass transit applications, sealing, thermal insulation and gasketing
Silicone rubber sheet is a cost effective Silicone rubber formulated for applications exposed to high / low temperatures and moderate physical property (tensile strength, elongation, tear) requirements. Silicone rubber sheet is regularly used for gaskets and seals because it has an excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation, ultraviolet light and extreme temperatures. We can produce red, white, transparent colour silicone rubber sheet,.


Material: 100% virgin silicone rubber 
Tensile strength: 12Mpa
Hardness: 60 shore A
Elongation: 300%-350%
Density: 1.20+/-0.05g/cm3
Break Down Voltage: 4.5Kv

Temperature: -60°C-300°C

Red silicone rubber sheet 

Red silicone rubber sheet is with minimum tensile strength of 870 psi (6 MPA)

Red silicone rubber sheet is ideal for silicone liners, silicone padding and rubber feet

Red silicone rubber sheet  has a durometer of 55-65 and offers moderate pliability

white silicone rubber sheet 

White silicone rubber sheet is  for non-marking applications and most other aesthetically sensitive industrial rubber requirements

White silicone rubber sheet applications include chemically inert casketing, translucent rubber, low compression materials, non-toxic rubber products

Transparent silicone rubber sheet 

Transparent silicone rubber sheet is designed to withstand extreme temperatures. 

Translucent silicone rubber sheeet  is a unique due to its physical characteristics and appearances. 

Transparent silicone rubber sheet is resistant to both high and low temperatures of -103°F to 450°F.


Buy silicone pads in a variety of sizes, for bumpers, protective feet and silicone gaskets

Silicone rubber rolls able to resist fungus, hot and cold gases and some chemicals

Silicone rubber Commercial grade material ideal for commercial equipment use


Silicone rubber rolls  is a rubber that is extraordinarily stable at extreme temperatures and retains excellent flexibility at low temperatures.

Silicone rubber rolls  is also highly resistant to compression, sunlight, ozone, oxygen and humidity. 

Silicone rubber rolls  is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical and food applications as it leaves no trace of smell or taste. 

Silicone can be formulated to be electrically resistive or conductive, or flame retardant. 


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