Natural Latex Rubber Sheet Roll for Clothing

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Latex generally refers to a colloidal emulsion formed by dispersing polymer particles in water. Also called latex.

It is customary to call an aqueous dispersion of rubber particles a latex, and an aqueous dispersion of resin particles as an emulsion.

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is obtained by coagulating and drying the latex that flows out of the Hevea oleifera tree when it is tapped. Natural rubber is a raw material, not a product. International process raw material commodities include standard glue, film, etc.


Natural Latex & Artificial Latex

Natural latex is a milky white, flowing liquid that looks like milk. Natural latex is a biosynthetic product, and its composition and colloidal structure often vary greatly due to differences in tree species, geology, climate, and other relevant conditions. In the fresh latex without adding any substances, the rubber hydrocarbons only account for 20%-40% of the total, and the rest are a small amount of non-rubber components and water. Among the non-rubber components are proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and inorganic components, some of which form a composite structure with rubber particles, and some are dissolved in whey or form non-rubber particles.

Artificial latex, latex clothing made of synthetic rubber is not made of pure natural latex juice, it contains some chemical components, such as some foamed rubber is made of synthetic rubber, which can be used in many industrial occasions. product. Like the kind of latex gloves sold in supermarkets for industrial or home use, they are also artificial latex products. In order to further reduce the price, developers cannot make this piece of pure natural latex.

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Possibilities of Making Clothing with Latex

Latex is a natural material derived from the sap of the rubber tree, and they are extremely precious because each rubber tree can only produce 30cc of latex per day. A latex product takes at least a day to a day and a half to complete, which is a very time-consuming and precious material. It is formed by evaporation molding, and it has numerous pores. It has good air permeability and because the surface of the pores is smooth, so mites cannot adhere to it, and a very important feature of latex juice is that it emits a fragrance that many mosquitoes do not. would like to be close. Excellent elasticity, no deformation, washable and durable. It is a good material for health; the only small disadvantage is that it cannot be exposed to the sun, and ultraviolet rays will change the latex material into powder, but it is a very environmentally friendly material when discarded.

Latex has pure natural latex, artificial latex, synthetic rubber, secondary synthetic latex and other varieties. Pure natural latex is extracted from the sap of tropical rubber trees, and then processed through high-tech technology. The resulting gel clothing has the best effect, high elasticity, strong shrinkage, and the best surface gloss, and the latex film has no impurities and is soft in texture. The gel clothing made of this raw material has a faint smell of rubber tree. So most of the gel clothing you see are made of this material. Of course, this cost and price is also very expensive!

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Natural Latex Rubber Sheet Roll

Natural Latex rubber sheet roll series products produced by HYRUBBERS, all varieties, colors and designs can be customized according to requirements, size 1mm-50mmx0.6m-2mx1-50m. Thickness

1mm-20mm. Environmentally friendly rubber coil, good quality, with CCS certificate, environmental protection, wear-resistant, non-slip, antibacterial, etc. latex rubber roll can be used for industrial engineering, workshop floor, table top, and making clothing.

Advantages of Our Natural Latex Rubber Sheet Roll

Latex sheet roll is an excellent raw material for manufacturing gaskets due to its excellent physical properties. The latex rubber sheet has excellent tensile strength, high elasticity, good elongation and abrasion resistance, and at the same time has good flexibility and resistance to compression set and good adhesion to fabrics, and can be restored to any shape when bent into any shape. We are China latex rubber sheet manufacturer with high quality and compatitive prices.

Latex rubber sheet roll has high abrasion resistance and excellent elongation, is durable and lightweight, for these reasons, Latex rubber sheet roll is used in the manufacture of various molded and extruded products. These rubber sheets are ideal for sound and sound insulation applications.

Gum rubber sheet are made by drum vulcanizer or press vulcanizer with high quality natural rubber(NR)

Gum rubber sheet have high wear resistantance, impact-resistant, Heat-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, Insulating, Cold-resistant

Gum rubber sheet are excellent used in applications where excessive cuts, abrasion or wear & tear occur.

The inner package with rollers will protect the raw rubber sheet from damage.

Film between each layer can prevent raw rubber sheet stick together.

Raw rubber sheet can be exported by rolls or pallet.

The good package of Raw rubber sheet can avoid any damage for long transportation.


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