High quality natural rubber sheet export to Panama market

High quality natural rubber sheet export to Panama market
High quality natural rubber sheet export to Panama market
High quality natural rubber sheet export to Panama market
High quality natural rubber sheet export to Panama market
High quality natural rubber sheet export to Panama market
Natural Rubber
excellent elasticity while under stress with high rebound and flexibility characteristics.
Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Tan and customizable
Industrial Use
Industrial Rubber Slab, Industrial, Flooring, Printing, Rubber Floor Covering
1 tons
Pure Gum Rubber is an affordable and eco-friendly material derived from natural latex of rubber trees, Gum rubber sheet Performs well in temperatures from -20°-170° F,it is widely used for industrial applications.This material has good resistance to most organic salts, ammonia, acids, and alkalis

We also could offer the follow rubber sheet: 

Industrial rubber sheet: SBR, NBR, EPDM,CR rubber sheet

Special industrial rubber sheet: Viton,Silicone,Natural,Fire resistant, Food grade rubber sheet

Anti-slip rubber sheet: Round button,Checker,wide/fine ribbed,diamond

Livestock rubber sheet: Round dot, I pattern,Small squared, Interlock

Technical data of Natural rubber sheet 

Tensile strength 12mpa, 15mpa, 20mpa and more
Density 1.05-1.2g/cm3
Enlongation 40000%-600%
Hardness 65+/-5
Color Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Tan and customizable
Deliver time Within 20days for a 20feet container


 Gum rubber sheet are made by drum vulcanizer or press vulcanizer with high quality natural rubber(NR)

 Gum rubber sheet have high wear resistantance,Impact-resistant, Heat-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, Insulating, Cold-resistant 

Gum rubber sheet are excellent used in applications where excessive cuts, abrasion or wear & tear occur.


Gum rubber sheet exhibits high strength, elasticity, excellent cut and tear resistance, resulting in outstanding performance in heavy wear and abrasion environments

Gum rubber sheet is under middling hardness and high tensile strength, high elongation, good abrasion resistance, elasticity, safety and non-toxicity without smell

rubber- sheet- machine.jpg

 0.5-10mm thickness gum rubber sheet was made by  drum vulcanizer with shiny surface

 12-100mm thickness gum rubber sheet made by press vulcanizer for get higher thick thickness

Gum rubber sheet widely used in seals, gaskets, printing, tank lining, slurry handling, pipe lining, pump liner, chute lining, valve liner, belting


The inner package with rollers will protect the gum rubber sheet from damage. 

Film between each layer can prevent gum rubber sheet stick together.

Gum rubber sheet can be exported by rolls or pallet. 

The good package of gum rubber sheet can avoid any damage for long transportation.

Our gum rubber sheet get good feedback in different markets,especially in Russian market.

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