China commercial grade pure gum rubber sheet for sale

China commercial grade pure gum rubber sheet for sale
China commercial grade pure gum rubber sheet for sale
China commercial grade pure gum rubber sheet for sale
China commercial grade pure gum rubber sheet for sale
China commercial grade pure gum rubber sheet for sale
Natural rubber
Has a very high tensile strength, Can resist most organic salts, ammonia, acids, and alkalis
Place of Origin
Industrial Use
Commonly used in external applications due to the elastomers excellent resistance to ageing, ozone, U.V rays ,water and adverse environmental conditions.
Pure gum rubber is a popular non marking rubber material thanks to its soft, supple nature and excellent flexibility. It is a natural product that is made from the sap of rubber trees found in South America and South Asia. Natural gum rubber is also an eco-friendly elastomer thanks to its tree-derived raw materials. The origins of this ‘green’ elastomer and its modern-day version has a storied past and was one of the most important discoveries of the modern era.

Product Specifications

Compound :Natural Rubber

Durometer:40 Shore A, +/- 5

Tensile Strength:2850 PSI or 19.5 MPA

Widths:36" and 48" (custom widths and gauges are available upon request)

Gauges: 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"


Temperature:-20 F to 170 F


Roll Length: Custom Lengths Up to 25' or 50' (depending on thickness).


Pure gum rubber is a natural rubber product free of synthetic compounds. 

Natural gum rubber is a non-marking product that will not leave any stains or marks wherever it is used. 

Pure gum rubber is a soft and flexible rubber material that exhibits excellent elasticity while under stress. 

It is a highly preferred choice for any application that needs a rubber material with high rebound and flexibility characteristics. 


We offer custom fabrication for pure gum sheets with a variety of thickness, width, and length options. 

Pure gum rubber rolls  comes with a natural color variation that goes from brown to light tan. If color consistency is of the utmost importance, this rubber should not be considered.

Pure gum rubber is valued for being a softer, more elastic type of rubber.

It has a low durometer rating of 35-45, meaning that while it is not a very hard material, 


 This high elasticity gives it a level of adaptability for various seal and gasket applications that is hard to beat. 

This flexible rubber material can be stretched further than other elastomers.

 It is the prime reason why natural gum rubber is used as squeegee blades, industrial skirting, and drum practice pads.

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I am a new customer and have only purchased a few times. But these times in the transaction, there has never been a backorder or shipping delay. This is much better than my previous supplier. . . Rubber sheets are good quality and customer service was very helpful and understanding.

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