3Mpa SBR Rubber rolls export to UAE with factory price

3Mpa SBR Rubber rolls export  to UAE with factory price
3Mpa SBR Rubber rolls export  to UAE with factory price
3Mpa SBR Rubber rolls export  to UAE with factory price
3Mpa SBR Rubber rolls export  to UAE with factory price
3Mpa SBR Rubber rolls export  to UAE with factory price
Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Green
Place of Origin
Industrial Use
Widely used in oil industry, aviation field, automotive industry, aerospace and other aggressive environments
Resistance to Chemicals; good resistance to many inorganic chemical products. Limited resistance to mineral oils, but is not recommended for using with oxidising acids and general organic liquids.

Key Features

Shore Hardness: 60° ± 5°.

Temperature: -30°C up to +70°C.

Excellent resistance to weathering.
Good resistance to ageing and ozone.
Popular material option for external applications.


SBR Rubber rolls  is versatile enough to be used in both industrial and commercial settings. 

Its strength, durability and ability to withstand chemicals make it the ideal rubber material for heavy-duty industrial settings.

its oil and moisture resistance allow neoprene rubber rolls to be used in less heavy-duty commercial applications in marine settings, in the food service industry and even in fashion. 

SBR Rubber rolls is also versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors without being damaged by outside forces.


SBR Rubber rolls is a very versatile material that can be used in a great number of fields where a rubber part may be needed. 

The chemical resistance of neoprene rubber roll , as well as its other strengths, has ensured its popularity. 

SBR Rubber rolls is great to use for industrial applications With a high temperature range of up to 220° F,

SBR Rubber rolls often goes into the production of industrial seals, hoses, and gaskets. Another capability of neoprene rubber that sets it apart from other materials is that it is fire resistant. This makes neoprene material extremely valuable for use in applications such as power transformers and other electrical applications, where safety is paramount in the event of a malfunction. 


SBR Rubber rolls re made by drum-type vulcanizing press(ROTOCURE) or plain vulcanizing press with high quality fluorubber

1-8mm thickness Neoprene rubber roll is made by drum-type vulcanizing press(ROTOCURE) with shiny surface

9-20mm thickness Neoprene rubber roll is made by vulcanizing press for get higher thick thicknes


Competitive Advantage of rubber sheet rolls 

1) We are professional manufacturer for Neoprene rubber roll  with 11 years' experience, enjoy good reputation oversea

2) Full range of advanced equipment ,testing line ensure Neoprene rubber roll production capacity and satisfactory quality

3) Neoprene rubber roll Top quality with competitive price and fast delivery bring us very good reputation all over the world .


We generally use rubber sheet packing, film and pallets, woven bag plus pallets, pallets is determined according to the actual situation, of course, if you have a demand, we will also do it, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction.

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