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Narrow wrapped V Belt

  • * Brand : HYRUBBERS
  • * Material : Natural rubber
  • * Feature : high strength, low protraction, small matching tolerance
  • * Color : black
  • * Place of Origin : China
  • * Industrial Use : Using
  • * MOQ : 100pcs
We are professional manufacturer for narrow V belt , Our products have high strength, low protraction, small matching tolerance

Narrow wrapped V Belt 

Features of Narrow wrapped V belt  :


Wedge wrapped V-belts offer high transverse stiffness,and a Transmission power 50-100% higher than classical V-belts. The Transmission limiting velocity reaches 40m/s and the transmission efficiency over 95%.   

Marks of Narrow wrapped V belt:


Wedge wrapped V-belts fall into two categories:The Metric SP series comprise Of SPZ,SPA,SPB and SPC models.The inch V series include3V(9N),5V(15N)   and 8V(25N) models.V-belts of these types are marked according to the outside lengh of factory V-belts. Specific nothing should be made on the order  list if the customer has special requirements.  The length conversion table is available for conversion between various models.

Technical data of Narrow wrapped V belt 

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