China wholesale high tensile strength conveyor belt supplier

China wholesale high tensile strength conveyor belt supplier

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When looking at rubber conveyor belts, on the surface they all appear very similar. However, when designed and manufactured correctly, each different specification of rubber conveyor belting can have special properties to suit particular applications

Rubber conveyor belt is made from rubber and EP fabric,the belt width is 500mm to 2500mm,belt thickness is from 3mm-25mm,the belt tensile strength is EP315/3,EP400/3,EP500/3,EP600/4,EP400/4,EP500/4,EP600/4. It is oil-resistant,acid and alkali resistant,tear-resistant,cold-resistant,wear resistant.

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We are professional manufacturer for rubber conveyor belt, it is widely used in coals,mining,chemical,metallurgy,power,port and paper making.Our product has been exported to more than 50 countries and regions,welcome to visit our factory!


Rubber conveyor belt types:
Rubber convoyer belt  is general-used EP conveyor belt, there are Fire-retardant type, Cold-resistant type, Wear-resistant type, Heat-resistant type, Acid and alkaline resistant type, Oil-resistant type, Antistatic electricity type, High-grade type and etc.

Accordance with different applications, we can produce different grades of r ubber convoyer belt as following:

 1)Rubber conveyor belt is heat Resistant Belt

According to the temperature of working environments, we can manufacture 3 different grades heating resistant belt, including up to 120 grade (HR120), up to 150 grade (HR150), up to 180 grade (HR180) and up to 200 grade (HR200) .Generally used by cements and steel works.

2) Rubber conveyor belt  is abrasion Resistant (90mm3) / super abrasion resistant (60mm3) Belt

Rubber conveyor belt is  used for transport the hard or shaped materials, like iron ore, diamond, copper and other minerals.

3) Rubber conveyor belt is oil Resistant Belt

Rubber conveyor belt is  used for wood, papermaking, oil-based grain transportation.

4) Rubber conveyor belt is acid/Alkali Resistant Belt

Rubber conveyor belt is used in Chemical materials transportation.

5) Rubber conveyor belt is cold Resistant Belt

Rubber conveyor belt can work in some cold environment, like Northeast of China, Russia and North European countries.

6) Rubber conveyor belt is fire Resistant Belt

Rubber conveyor belt is always used in underground coal mining, steel works and so on. 

7) Rubber conveyor belt is conventional Belt

 Rubber conveyor belt is generally used for small powder, grain and block materials.


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