China rubber gym flooring mats manufacturer export to Peru

China rubber gym flooring mats manufacturer export to Peru

Product Details

If you need a long -latsting rubber gym flooring mats that will tak tons of traffic and look great for years,rolled rubber gym flooring wins every time. The highly durable rubber gym flooing mat thrives in tough,high-traffice environments.

Rubber gym flooing mat is available in a variety of colors and featuring a unique,construction menas virtually no gaping,rusult in a smooth ,seamless surface.

China gym flooring mats texture

High-density PVC gym flooring mats: feel hard, the mat is compressive and durable, the weight is solid, the grip is firm, the foot feels stable during exercise, does not move, suitable for high-intensity big jumps, big jumps and big turns; this material also has Flame retardant, very suitable for home fitness use, IKU home sports mat is made of this material, which is very popular among fitness friends;

rubber gym flooring mats: soft, resilient and resilient, suitable for padding large fitness equipment, generally spliced by many small squares, commonly used in commercial gyms;

NBR gym flooring mats: soft and comfortable, lightweight, the mat is easy to collapse and move during high-intensity and large-scale exercise, and the surface layer has poor wear resistance;

TPE gym flooring mats: Skin-friendly and comfortable, TPE gym flooring mats are lightweight and portable, suitable for professional yoga practice.

China professional rubber gym flooring mats are better to use

The performance and experience of cushions of different materials are different. At present, the mat materials include NBR, TPE, PU rubber, and PVC, but these are all yoga mat materials, which are more suitable for fitness.

Fitness is a high-intensity and large-scale running and jumping exercise, and the required mat requires excellent anti-slip and durability, as well as cushioning;

Professional rubber gym flooring mats in China:

1. Rubber material: gym flooring mats are spliced piece by piece, environmentally friendly material, good cushioning and shock absorption, wear resistance and tear resistance. Commercial gyms are used more;

2. High-density PVC: PVC gym flooring mats is a whole large-sized mat, the surface layer is woven and strengthened, it can withstand high-intensity fitness, wear-resistant and does not drop slag, it is recommended for home indoor fitness.

The biggest difference between the materials is the weight. The weight of the 8mm yoga mat is about 2kg; while the weight of the 7mm thick fitness mat of the same specification is 5kg, with high-density structure and real materials. The heavy weight is tiled to fit the ground, and the mat does not shift even when jumping and running. So the price will be a little higher.

What size of gym flooring mats is more suitable for:

Gym mats have a variety of oversized rubber gym flooring mats, which are selected according to the type of exercise and the size of the indoor space.

HYrubbers rubber GYM flooring mats Manufacturer China. We have a variety of oversized rubber gym flooring mats to choose from, choose the right size for the space in your home. Choose large or small, large-sized sports are more enjoyable, of course, according to the size of the space.

Is the thicker rubber gym flooring mats better?

I don't know since when the quality of the cushion is related to the thickness. The thicker the better? In fact, it is not. Fitness exercise pays attention to the sense of support and stability. The thicker the cushion, the less stable it is, and many movements will not be done properly when the center of gravity is unstable. After testing, the thickness of rubber gym flooring mats is 6mm-8mm, and the thickness is moderate, the center of gravity will not be unstable, and at the same time, it can provide enough cushioning, shock absorption and noise reduction.

What are the advantages of a China rubber gym flooring mats manufacturer ?

Rubber gym flooring mats manufacturers from China have great advantages in international trade. 

First of all, rubber gym flooring mats are floor mats made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other polymer materials. Rubber floor mats are environmentally friendly floor mats, because all the materials are non-toxic and harmless environmental protection materials and polymer environmental protection materials. Used to increase the elasticity, aesthetics, safety, and comfort of the surface. Gym rubber floor mats are floors made of polymer materials such as natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber. The materials are environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Long-term laying will not pollute the laying environment and will not produce toxic and harmful gases.

There are too many raw material suppliers of gym flooring mats in China. We have chosen the most advantageous year-round cooperation. Our gym flooring mats raw material suppliers provide raw materials with low price and good quality. This also guarantees a lower price for our gym pads.

Rubber gym flooring mats manufacturer export to Peru

We are China rubber gym flooring mats manufacturer. We export high quality rubber gym flooring mats for Peru. Every year, the Peruvian market consumes about 20 million US dollars of rubber gym flooring mats. Since our company was established 20 years ago, we have always attached importance to the cooperation with the Peruvian market. We hope you are a gym flooring mat agent or distributor from Peru. As the source factory of gym flooring mats, we provide you with the most advantageous price and quality, and help you obtain higher economic benefits.

If you are planning to purchase gym flooring mat from Peru. are choosing gym flooring mat manufacturer from China, we will be your best choice.

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