China Reinforced rubber sheet manufacture

China Reinforced rubber sheet manufacture

Product Details

We could offer the follow rubber sheet :


Rubber sheet rolls: SBR, NBR, EPDM,CR rubber sheet

  • Special industrial rubber sheet: Viton,Silicone,Natural,Fire resistant, Food grade rubber sheet

  • Anti-slip rubber sheet: Round button,Checker,wide/fine ribbed,diamond

  • Livestock rubber sheet: Round dot, I pattern,Small squared, Interlock

  • Technical data for reinforced rubber sheet :


 up to 2m


 1mm - 100mm with insertion multi-layer cloth



Tensile strength

 2mpa, 3mpa, 4mpa, 5mpa and more








 black, Red, Green and others

Deliver time

 Within 20days for a 20feet container


 Workshop for reinforced rubber sheet 


We are reinforced rubber sheet manufacure with our own factory. And our reinforced rubber sheet can be made with 1py, 2ply 

And more. Our workshop for reinforced rubber sheet is clean and tidy.


We have 20sets of Rotary of machine  for reinforced rubber sheet. And the cloth of reinforced rubber sheet can be added with 

different grade. China reinforced rubber sheet can be made both side gloosy and rough.

Cloth insertion for reinforced rubber sheet: 


 Different cloth grade for reinforced rubber sheet. Reinforced rubber sheet  is designed to add stability where mechanical fastening is necessary. We can add different cloth according to different use for reinforced rubber sheet.

 Rubber reinforced rubber sheet package:

 reinforced rubber sheet package 

We have rollers in inner package to protect reinforced rubber sheet for damage. And have film in each layers to prevent reinforced rubber sheet sticking together .

reinforced rubber sheet rolls

 Reinforced rubber sheet usually packed into rolls by plastic or woven bags. And it can be packed by pallet if customer have requirements for reinforced rubber sheet. The good package for reinforced rubber sheet can prevent any damager during transportation.

Strict testing for reinforced rubber sheet 


China reinforced rubber sheet have strict testing before loading. Hardness and density testing for Reinforced rubber sheet is necessary.


Tensile strength and Enlongation testing promise quality standard for our reinforced rubber sheet. Our reinforced rubber sheet exported to Brazil, Mexcio, Chile  with our high quality. We kindly suggest to try our reinforced rubber sheet

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