Cheap N17MPA Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt Factory

Cheap N17MPA Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt Factory

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Cheap N17MPA Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt Factory

Characteristics: The conveyor belt is featured with high tensile strength, good impact resistance, long service life, low elongation, good trough ability and desired flexing resistance. It is suitable for material conveying with long distance, high haul and high speed, and composed of core rubber, steel wire rope, coating and edge rubber.

Application: Widely used for material conveying in coal, mine, harbors, metallurgy, electric power and chemical industry.

Type: According the performance of covering glue, can be classified as common belt, Flame retardant, cold resistant, wear-resisting, Heat resistant, acid/alkaline resistance and so on.

According the inner structure, can be classified as general application ST belt, transverse reinforced type and tear resistant with detector loop.

The common structure type

It uses the new type structural steel cable as the tension element, features largely in the high tension strength, small elongation, excellent trough ability and high flexibility, and is applicable for the conveyance of materials with long distance, heavy load and high speed.

The core rubber has enough diffusion space for each wire in stand, the bonding strength of the rubber and steel cable is very high, it is rust and corrosion resistance, it relieves the mutual shearing and torsion of the wires in stands, it has high dynamic fatigue resistance, and the product has a long service life

Tear resistance(transverse reinforced) type

Structure: It uses the new type steel cable as the tension element. On one side or two sides vertical that is perpendicular to the lengthways steel cable, evenly lay the reinforcing layer of the steel cable, steel cord, fabric, etc. broadways.

The length per roll could be 250m or 300m as your request. And the max width could be 2000mm.

The steel cord conveyor belt will be packed with waterproof package, connect with container with wire steel to avoid the damage when transportation.

We have full sets of test equipments to finish heat test, flame test, cold test, ozone test, tensile strength, adhesion strength etc. And the professional test report could be shared with you. 


Why you choose us?

1.Super high quality.

2.Competitive price.

3.Good producing equipment and technology.

4.Large production ability.

5.Prompt delivery.

6.Small order accepted.

7.Excelent sale and after-sale service.

8.OEM available.


Is the product sample available?

Yes,all product samples are available for you to test the quality.


Is OEM available?

Yes,OEM is available.We have professional designer to help your brand promotion.


Are the products tested before shipping?

Yes,all of our products were qualified before leave the factory,we test every batch every day.


Delivery details?

Within 10-20 days in general or depends on quality of the order.


Packaging details?

Packed in rolls and covered by nylon water proof cloth.Clients' requirement are also respected.


What's the quality guarantee?




We have totally quality guarantee to customers,we will be responsible for any quality problems.

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