Mining C10 chevron conveyor belt export to South Africa

Mining C10 chevron conveyor belt export to South Africa

Product Details

Mining C10 chevron conveyor belt

Features of chevron conveyor belt:

1.Integrally moulded chevron cleats.

2. Variable design avaiable

3. Vast cleat height to meet clients' equipments demands

Pattern designs:

Open V, closed V pattern, U pattern, Cleat pattern, Herringbone shape, cylinder pattern etc.






We have improved test machine to test Ozone test, tensile strength, flame test, adhesive strength, etc. to guarantee the high quality conveyor belt before delivery.


Special rubber compound for chevron, enhance the life of chevron
Can carry bulk material at angles of 17~ 18 and bagged material at angles of 30~ 50
Cleat angle and pitch are designed for smooth travel over return idlers
Cleats and top cover rubber are mono block molding for strength
Patterns prevent or reduce slide back and increase the amount of product moved by quick pick-up at the point of loading
Convey wet and/or loose materials or bags up steep inclines.
Quarries, Sandpits
Cement Works, Lime Works
Mobile Crushers, Screens, Milling Machines
Washing Plant
Salt Mines, etc.


Packaging & Shipping

Standard packaging:Packed in rolls and coverd by fabric proof cloth.Clients' requirements are also respected.

Delivery datail:within 15-30 days in general or depends on quantity of the order



We have improved departments to work together completing your project smoothfully and high efficiency.





Why you choose us?

1.Super high quality.

2.Competitive price.

3.Good producing equipment and technology.

4.Large production ability.

5.Prompt delivery.

6.Small order accepted.

7.Excelent sale and after-sale service.

8.OEM available.


Is the product sample available?

Yes,all product samples are available for you to test the quality.


Is OEM available?

Yes,OEM is available.We have professional designer to help your brand promotion.


Are the products tested before shipping?

Yes,all of our products were qualified before leave the factory,we test every batch every day.


Delivery details?

Within 10-20 days in general or depends on quality of the order.


Packaging details?

Packed in rolls and covered by nylon water proof cloth.Clients' requirement are also respected.


What's the quality guarantee?

We have totally quality guarantee to customers,we will be responsible for any quality problems.

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